Marell Schools provide door- to-door transport services for our students. Our buses are driven by qualified and experienced drivers who make sure that your child is always safe while on the road.



ICT labs

Marell  is the hub when it comes to the developments in the IT world. We have well-structured labs with modern computers.



Marell  is proud of its well-structured library system.  The school library has enough books to cater for all the pupils and teachers.


Sick bay

We have a well-equipped sick bay with a qualified nurse who offers first-aid services to our students.



Marell Schools offer nutritious and well-balanced meals that meet the needs of all the students in the school. We maintain strict policies on hygiene while handling food and all the standards concerning hygiene are met.


The boarding facilities are comfortable, well equipped with solar heated showers that make them homely. They are custom built and spacious. An experienced house-keeper who facilitates the day -to-today operations manages each dormitory. Children are encouraged to do washing of their personal items, but laundry facilities are available for washing the uniform. The school has a generator for emergency power supply. We ensure that the water supply is also uninterrupted throughout the term by having reservoirs to store water.




Marell Schools provide all our pupils with a conducive learning environment. The school offers the Kenyan 8-4-4 system of education.

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