School History


His desire to improve his daughter’s waning grades was the seed that saw the birth of one of the most enduring academic giants in the country. That was over 20 years ago, and Marell Academy takes pride in that its directors dream not only molding his daughter but also has continued to inspire and nurture the future of many other children.

When Mr Ominde opened the school doors in 1992, he was shocked by the unexpected number of parents who turned up to enroll their children. Within a short time all the three classes he had put up were full. The large numbers of parents seeking vacancies at the school made him realize that parents can go to any length to give their children quality education.

After nine months the parents organized a fundraising to help the school expand is facilities. The classes were put up making it a fully-fledged primary school. In 1996, Marell Academy registered its first batch of KCPE candidates. The 18 candidates posted a mean score of 355.12 setting a tradition of top performance.

Later on the school expanded and opened another institution Marell Education Centre in Musikoma. The school also registers pupils for KCPE and has continued with the legacy of top performance.

Marell Junior School in Kibabii was later opened for the growing community in the area. The school started as an ECDE center but due to the demand of quality education, the school has been forced to add more classes for the primary section.


Marell Schools provide all our pupils with a conducive learning environment. The school offers the Kenyan 8-4-4 system of education.

Marell …

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